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Roof Insulation

What is Roof Insulation?

In simple terms, roof insulation works as a protective barrier to reduce heat transfer. It is wedged between the roof's surface and roof deck. Additionally, for those living in a warm climate area, a new cool roof technology can be combined with the existing roof insulation to moderate the space temperature. 

About 50% of the incoming solar radiation reaches the planet’s surface, leading to a high risk of heat and radiation absorption. Thus, roof insulation is an excellent investment as it repels heat, and your home and office buildings stay cooler and safer. 

The positive effect of having proper roof insulation in the country with high temperature and humidity such as Malaysia is there would be substantial savings in cooling energy. Roof insulation can maintain a steady indoor temperature by repelling solar radiation and providing ultimate comfort to everyone. 

Why Roof Insulation is Essential

Proper roof insulation must be installed to enhance the roofing system's technical performance for both your home and office buildings. 

Roof insulation sustains roofing systems' primary function to protect the building and its occupants from adverse weather effects. The system must be sufficiently guaranteed and comply with international standards.

Benefits of Roof Insulation

Energy and Cost-Saving

Since insulation helps keep homes and buildings at room temperature, your AC's and heaters do not have to work as much as they would need to otherwise. This will eventually lead to higher energy saving, and in turn, reduce utility bills.

Added Protection

Essentially, having your home or office's roof insulated will add another layer of protection. Depending on the type of insulating material you choose, roof insulation will protect your roof from prolonged exposure to heat and cold and allow it to remain in good condition.


Besides energy and cost-saving, roof insulation will also help reduce pollution in the surrounding. By reducing the need for natural gas and electricity to heat and cool buildings, roof insulation helps reduce emissions of pollutants and reduced carbon dioxide, eventually providing sustainability to the environment.

Impeccable Solutions For Your Roof Insulation

Trocellen HeatPro roof insulation solution foam is precisely engineered to insulate the intense heat of hot climates. Our cutting-edge closed cell structure allows thermal conductivity to be at its optimal performance. Every HeatPro roof solution from Trocellen is supplied with factory laminated reinforced aluminium foil, providing additional physical strength and reducing thermal induction to the minimum.

In Trocellen, our PE foam is engineered to provide you with the best roof insulation technology to handle hot climates' harsh and intense heat in countries like Malaysia. Our foam is exceptionally suitable but not limited to roof insulation only. With the cutting-edge closed cell structure in the product, it allows thermal conductivity to be at its optimal performance.

 Trocellen Roof Insulation

We conduct stringent quality checks for every product manufactured in Trocellen. Paired with the finest materials, our roof heat insulation technology never fails to impress when it comes to quality. Our roof insulation products are supplied with factory laminated reinforced aluminium foil, providing your metal deck roof with insulation, and additional physical strength while reducing the thermal induction to the minimum. 

Our roof insulation foam can also be easily installed, just unroll over the roof and secure it. Then, mount the roof sheet on top of it. No wire mesh is required for the process!

Get the right roof insulation solution with our environmentally friendly, easy to install and energy-saving thermal insulation. Drop us a line, and our team of experts will get back to you regarding your roof insulation enquiries.

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