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Pipe Insulation

What is Pipe Insulation?

Pipe insulation is any form of thermal or acoustic insulation used on pipework. The installation of pipe insulation works to prevent condensation from forming, pipe freezing, and protection against extreme temperatures. Essentially, pipe insulation is suitable for energy-saving and works well as noise control.

Perfect Pipe Thermal Insulation For Heating & Plumbing

Trocellen’s cross-linked PE foam is flame-retardant and is highly heat-resistant. Our lightweight thermal insulation pipe cover controls temperature exceptionally well, giving you excellent energy-saving performances and reducing heat flow in hot-water plumbing.

Our Trocellen PipePro pipe insulation manages the condensation from chilled water in air conditioning pipe and refrigerant piping systems with utmost efficiency due to its superior condensation control for preventing heat gain. It also has a mould-resistant ability. 

Our material is durable, flexible, and has high elasticity. All our Trocellen pipe insulation grades are free of cadmium, lead stabilizers, tinorganic substances such as Tributyltin, heavy metals, CFC, HCFC, or HC's.

Trocellen PipePro is ideal for copper pipe insulation and insulation of other metal pipes. Our pipe insulation allows for an easy installation as it has good formability and it’s easy to cut PE foam to various sizes.

Trocellen Foam Pipe Insulation Application

The pipe insulation system serves as an industrial air conditioning piping system as well as hot water plumbing. Among other applications are frozen food industries, cold water supply, water heater, household boiler, hot spring, and dual temperature piping.

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Trocellen PipePro Curved Joints Insulation Guide

Advantages of Pipe Insulation

The two main reasons to insulate pipes are to thwart sweating and freezing of pipeworks. 

With the right amount of insulation, and the suitable type of insulation applied, the negative impact of extreme weather can be avoided and eventually drive more efficient pipework. Essentially, this will lead to additional savings through water and energy efficiency.

Thermal Performance

The temperature consistency of your pipework is crucial. Whether it’s a natural gas pipe or hot and cold pipe, pipe insulation helps deliver effective process control by maintaining the temperature consistency from pipe entry to exit. 

Reduced Utility Costs

The right insulation is essential for overall efficient pipework. With effective pipe insulation, this can lead to greater operating efficiencies by reducing energy loss, which eventually leads to cost-saving. 


Pipe insulation works to provide a protective layer over the pipe surface to minimise heat transfer and prevent elevated temperatures in pipes that can lead to danger. Additionally, there is an insulation that provides fire protection to reduce the spread of flames.

Sound Control 

In industrial and operational industries, pipeworks can produce vibrations and loud noises. Thus, pipe insulation is the right alternative to absorb these excessive operational sounds.

Why Trocellen Foam Pipe Insulation is the Best?

Our Trocellen pipe insulation uses a flame retardant, cross-linked closed-cell polyethene foam to retard heat gain and control temperature and condensation from chilled water and refrigerant piping systems.

Finished with plain foam insulation or aluminium foil layer, Trocellen pipe insulation is also used to reduce heat flow for hot water plumbing and dual temperature plumbing with excellent energy-saving performances.

Contact us to find out more about our lightweight, environmentally-friendly insulation material for the health of your pipework.