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Duct Insulation

In humid climates, adequately installed duct insulation helps minimise the moisture condensation on metal ducts. Typically installed in unconditioned areas, duct insulation for pipeworks is widely used to reduce heat loss, conserve energy, and control moisture condensation.

At Trocellen, we have developed Trocellen Pro, the right thermal insulation solution for the pipeworks in your home and buildings. Compliance with the safety standards of Class '0' according to British Standards (BS) 476 part 6 and part 7, our Trocellen Pro insulation property has undergone various testing methods to provide clients with the most efficient duct insulation.

Trocellen AirPro Duct Insulation

Our Trocellen AirPro polyethylene foam comes laminated with a highly reflective reinforced aluminium foil specially designed to meet global air-conditioning duct insulation standards. Its flexibility allows the foam to be bent around the corners of air-conditioning ducts with ease, further reducing installation time and cost.

The right properties of Trocellen AirPro help regulate the temperature inside and outside the air-conditioning duct with minimal thermal conductivity to prevent heat gain or heat loss. This essentially minimizes energy loss, reduces energy consumption, and ultimately enhances energy efficiency.

 Duct Insulation

Trocellen AirPro Duct Insulation Installation Guide

Why Duct Insulation is Important to HVAC

Having the right duct insulation for pipework is vital to keep an efficient HVAC system. Essentially, 10-30% of the energy used to heat or cool a home or building could be lost without proper ductwork insulation.

A ductwork insulation’s function is to allow air travelling through the duct system to stay at the desired temperature and not leak. Leaking air results in unnecessary energy loss and causes higher utility bills due to wasted energy.

Benefits of Having Duct Insulation

There are various advantages of ductwork insulation. There will be increased humidity and biological growth without duct insulation due to condensation from cool air and drip from the pipes. Below are the three main reasons for you to consider duct insulation in your home or office building.

Reduced Energy Bills & Energy Consumption

Duct insulation is one of the alternatives to make your HVAC efficient and, at the same time, reduce energy bills at your home and office. Additionally, you can benefit from insulating your ductwork in both cold and warm seasons. Duct insulation helps prevent the conditioned air inside the ductworks from being affected by outside air temperature, thereby creating less work for your HVAC system and reducing your utility bills.

Bring Comfort to Spaces

The temperature levels largely influence your home and office’s comfort, so controlling temperature fluctuations is a significant reason to have a sound HVAC system. Proper insulation for ductwork isolates your space against outside temperatures, thus keeping it in a stable climate and increasing your comfort.

Low Levels of Noise

Ductworks are known to generate rattling, bussing, and whistling noises due to the air blowing throughout the system. Besides, metal ducts expand during cold months, causing popping and creaking noises. Duct insulation works to reduce the noise level significantly as it acts as a damper.

Why Choose Trocellen Duct Insulation?

Effective thermal conductivity and water-resisting performance have always determined an efficient duct insulation product. Found in many applications in the HVAC, plumbing, construction, and roofing industries, our Tracellen Pro is designed to provide quality, comfort, and convenience to our customers while ensuring efficient pipework systems in your homes and buildings. 

Get our energy-efficient, environmentally friendly Trocellen Pro, the right insulation for your ductwork today. Drop us your details, and our team of experts will get back to you regarding your roof insulation enquiries