Making a difference – shaping the future

We shape a safe and comfortable future with products that make a difference. Our smart solutions improve people’s lives and promote our partners’ businesses. We run a prospering company, a first-choice workplace and a number of responsible business operations.


Expanding the horizon for advanced solutions

Relying on our broad experience, know-how and the extensive support of our owner in the background we keep looking for new solutions. We work together with our partners to develop and maximize industry performance. We listen to needs without tying ourselves to established ways. We aim to answer questions not even posed.

Our Values

Whenever we find that even the best solution on the market is not good enough, we are eager to create a better one.


In order to be the best, we hire the best – and we are continually developing our talent pool to remain the best.


Being at home in many markets and industries results broad knowledge base and well founded operations: we are as diverse as our partners’ needs.


We always keep our partners’ interests in mind and consider the environmental and social impacts of our actions under any circumstances.


Since collective success is unimaginable without collective thinking and working, we aim to build long term partnerships.